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Spotlight: Design/Build of an Army Wellness Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Vernadero Group Inc. has completed design/build services to convert Building 52025 on Fort Huachuca to an Army Wellness Center (AWC) that will provide prevention programs and promote healthy lifestyles among Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees, and Department of the

Army Civilians.

The Army is building health with AWCs by empowering participants to set their own health

goals and achieve them. The Army addresses lifestyle change in areas that affect both short- and long-term health, engaging people in their "lifespace" — the places where they live, work, relax, and rest.

Building 52025 was originally a retail outlet, and restructuring it to be a wellness center involved reworking virtually every component of the 3,500-square-foot building, including the roof, floor, interior walls, interior and exterior doors, wiring and conduits, plumbing, and natural-gas piping.

In addition to making renovations, Vernadero built a new I3A-compliant communications room with associated fiber-optic and telecommunications cables and installed and spliced approximately 0.25 mile of fiber-optic cable into the existing government network.

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