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Spotlight: Environmental Assessment for Comprehensive Ground Training on Main Base, Moody AFB

Vernadero recently completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for Moody Air Force Base (AFB), Georgia, that analyzes current and proposed expanded comprehensive ground training activities and the establishment of new training areas.

The 23d Wing and 93d Air Ground Operations Wing at Moody AFB conduct comprehensive ground training within both designated training areas and across the airfield and cantonment at Moody AFB.

The Proposed Action analyzed in the EA would continue military ground training activities at Moody AFB, would increase the training activities in existing training areas by 50 percent to accommodate future growth in training needs, and would provide additional designated training areas and training opportunities on Main Base to better support Department of Defense ground training requirements.

The EA resulted in a Finding of No Significant Impact/Finding of No Practicable Alternative.

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