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Spotlight: Wind Turbine Demolition and Salvage, Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Vernadero Group Inc. was hired by Fort Huachuca, a U.S. Army garrison in southeastern Arizona, to demolish a Nordic Windpower Ltd. wind turbine and its infrastructure on the Installation's South Range (see the demolition happen at

To accomplish this, Vernadero teamed with O'Rourke Wrecking Company, a specialty demolition company headquartered in Ohio. Based on O'Rourke's past experience

demolishing elevated tanks, stacks, and wind turbines at similar remote locations, our team determined that the most efficient and safest means to demolish the 70-meter-tall wind turbine was a controlled felling event.

Demolition involved slicing into the base of the turbine and using a wire to add tension to the top of the tower, guiding it so it fell like a tree in the planned path.

Once the wind turbine was successfully felled, the structure was disassembled via conventional demolition methods. Debris was loaded into trucks for off-site recycling or disposal. Recyclable materials such as electrical wire, conduit, pipe, and miscellaneous metal items were salvaged. The site was restored and seeded with native grasses upon project completion.

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