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Spotlight: Biosecurity Monitoring with Webhook Technology at Naval Base Ventura County, CA

Vernadero Group Inc., under contract with Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest, is conducting biosecurity inspections of barges for cargo destined for San Nicolas Island, a detachment of Naval Base Ventura County, California.

The barge inspections are aimed at detecting nonnative flora and fauna, in compliance with Naval Base Ventura County's biosecurity instruction protocols.

To aid field inspectors, Vernadero leveraged ArcGIS Enterprise, specifically, a Survey123 for ArcGIS (S123) custom smart form capable of storing both tabular and digital media, including photographs and sketches of inspection results.

To further streamline submittal of digital data, we deployed webhook technology with the S123 database. "Webhooks" are custom-defined callbacks or procedures that are triggered when specific events occur.

In the case of S123, the triggering event is a new database record being synchronized from the S123 field application.

The webhook summarizes biosecurity inspection data into a comprehensive Acrobat (PDF) report, compiles field-captured media, and notifies Vernadero project managers. Webhook technology ensures that field inspection results are properly recorded, reducing the potential for human error.


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